Friday, May 8, 2009

In Harmony, HARMONY! You're you, I'm me, together, we can live in harmony!

-Ehem- So blog...FORGIVE ME FOR NOT POSTING FOR 2 WEEKS!!! D: I KNOW I AM A HORRIBLE PERSON!! I have no excuse, except I was lazy! Shame on me!!! T.T *kicks self* But, thankfully school is almost over. Homeschooling that is. And next year I have to go to...DUN DUN DUN!! Public school. That's right, a public high school. No more uniforms, or harsh penalties, or a population of pregnant teens at zero. I am scared! O.o I guess I will hang out with the emo kids, or the artists. I guess it will be okay. After my family giving my momma mouth about private school, they have finally won. But I guess I can wear whatever I want, and I will be open to a whole bunch of new opportunities. Lots of art, and new people to meet, and lots of extracurricular activities and dorks like me. :) Speaking of being a dork, METROCON!! In like, 3 weeks? I am going as Kadaj, who is a smexy beast!! I need to stop procrastinating and order the costume already! This weekend, I swear it! *looks determined* Last night me and Madison watched the Little Mermaid show thing on VHS. I love VHS. This episode was when Ariel and flounder bust the big, purple,evil Manta Ray out of the volcano. Why the hell did they do that? I don't know. Some creepy little eyes were peering out of this hole, asking in an ominous voice, for Ariel to "Let me out" And she did it! He busted out of it, and started telling the sea critters bad things about the other ones, and they all became little racists, lol. That was his plan to take over Atlantica. It was 'Make everyone dislike each other'. Nope, not 'Make everyone dislike each other, and when the king is distracted, take the Trident and rule the Seas'. It was just 'Make everyone dislike each other'. Can you say, LAME? Ariel started to sing a song about what makes everyone special, and how it's great to be different and use our unique talents to help each other. *gags* After the song the evil Manta Ray made a big ending speech about how he is MORE POWERFUL THAN FRIENDSHIP! MORE POWERFUL THAN LOVE!!! And then in a poorly animated sequence Ariel (with her arms dangling at her side) led all the creatures and they went into a song reprisal and they sung(grammar pending) to him. Yep, they defeated this gigantic, dangerous Manta Ray by singing to him. I was embarrassed for the poor guy. But the BEST part of the episode, the part that both epically won, and epically failed, was when they used the same shot of the manta ray swimming off in a scary spinning thing TWICE. Yes, the same exact shot at 2 different times. We rewound it and laughed our butts off. I am still chuckling about today. :) So awesome. Yep, there is more of my crazy humor that no one else gets except me. I crack up every time I see a flaw in a movie or a show. I don't know why. Oh and here is an awesome icon thing. :) *hearts* ~Yuri

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