Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Staying Home, Leaving Home

Forgive me, bloggy!! I have not posted in a while!! D: I have been busy with schoolwork~! I have an MSN now! YAY!! It's if anyone is interested! :) I did my hair yesterday, in a little spiky poof, it was fun and cute! I took lots of pictures of it, and some of them I looked like a little boy, heehee! I wish I knew how to add pictures on here...It is keeping my posts boring!! So if anyone knows how to, and they are willing to tell me, please do so! :D Tonight we are going to visit Julie who is visiting from Texas! We were gonna go to Chili's, and then the plans changed to Golden Corral, and then they changed to Cracker Barrel, and then pizza in her hotel room, and now it's McDonald's in her hotel room. I see the pattern, as the restaurants slowly get de-fancyfied! lol But it will be fun! Man, you don't know how much I want to go somewhere!!! I have the travel bug!~ I reaaaaalllly wanna go on a cruise... it almost hurts how much want to go! I need to be indulged. "Oh Yuri" I say to myself, "You are so spoiled, and one day all your fun will be taken away!" Yes it will happen, and I will be very upset. But for now I must enjoy it! The other night I watched Beauty and Beast with Madison and Kyah. Even though I am 15, and Madison is 13, we still fight over who gets to be who in the Gaston's trio of ogling blonde fangirls. lol "Yuri, your maturity is showing!" Another mental comment. It's really funny, when we watch these classic Disney movies we know so well, we are starting to say "OMG I'm Pocahontas!" or something silly like that. This time, Madison is the Beast. Cause everytime someone sleeps over, they come in to wake us up, and Madison roars at the to "GET OOOOUUUTT!!!" Like Beast does when Belle is in the West Wing. Bwahahahahahaha it's To Much To Handle cause it's so funny! Anyways, that's what's going on in my world of humor that no one gets except me, lol.

Hearts & Kisses ^3^

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