Saturday, May 16, 2009

Movie~! :)

So last night we stayed at Nini's! Yay! We went to sleep at like...1? Too late I know. Oh! And after my last post I just couldn't resist watching Paprika! And it was so AMAZING! I highly recommend it. The animation is beautiful and so dazzling! The plot is complex, and kind of weird, but if you are into japanese films like anything by Studio Ghibli, or movies like TekkonKinkreet, or Tokyo Godfathers, you will enjoy it. The only part I didn't like was when she was a butterfly and pinned to the table, and that creepy guy was touching her. It was a little inappropriate. :/ But otherwise, it was awesome, and quite intelligent. I am going to check out more of Satoshi Kon's films. It's a short post today, just because not anything that eventful has happened. :)

Loves :*

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Go watch it. You know you want to. :]


  1. Darn! Only half of it showed up. :/

  2. sounds so weird and wonderful I can't wait to see to watch it.

  3. I seen Paprika a while ago... It's pretty sweet (=^_^=) (cept for that one part, lowel)did you see it in english or Japanese? I like it in Japanese better ^_^....can you tell mii where u found the bootleg of Ponyo On a Cliff by the Sea? PLEEZE! I love Hayao Miyazaki!! PLEEZE PLEEZE PLEEZE! ありがとうございました! ^_^ (thats thank you in Japanese!)

  4. I saw it in english. :) We borrowed Ponyo from a friend, but I can find out where he got it! ^^ It is so adorable!!

  5. THANKS! That would be wonderful! !_!

  6. cool!! I'll have to see that!!!