Saturday, May 16, 2009

Movie~! :)

So last night we stayed at Nini's! Yay! We went to sleep at like...1? Too late I know. Oh! And after my last post I just couldn't resist watching Paprika! And it was so AMAZING! I highly recommend it. The animation is beautiful and so dazzling! The plot is complex, and kind of weird, but if you are into japanese films like anything by Studio Ghibli, or movies like TekkonKinkreet, or Tokyo Godfathers, you will enjoy it. The only part I didn't like was when she was a butterfly and pinned to the table, and that creepy guy was touching her. It was a little inappropriate. :/ But otherwise, it was awesome, and quite intelligent. I am going to check out more of Satoshi Kon's films. It's a short post today, just because not anything that eventful has happened. :)

Loves :*

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Go watch it. You know you want to. :]

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Obsessive Much?

Once again...I skimped on blog posts... *looks down in shame* But I swear, after exams are over, I will post a lot more! So first off, let's talk about the whole Jon & Kate thing going on. What the heck? Is it a publicity stunt to endorse the book, or a family being torn apart in the public eye? I don't know. I hope it's just to excite people to go get the book, but I think it's horrible either way. Cheaters are horrible. HORRIBLE! But on a lighter note, a surreal note that's like a feather, I encourage people to listen to Susumu Hirasawa! He sings most of the songs on the PAPRIKA soundtrack (which I have not yet seen, but I heard is AWESOME) and some stuff for Paranoia Agent. But his music is filled with awesome sounds, and yodeling background singers, and just has this all-over ethereal vibe to it. It's like Enya but better, and not depressing! But it gives you that 'Floating in water' feeling. Yeah, cheesy, but that's the only way I can think to describe it! More information on PAPRIKA: It's directed by Satoshi Kon. Who is pretty epic. Like Hayao Miyazaki epic. That's some big shoes to fill (or share) Here is a piece of the ingenious opening

Speaking of Hayao Miyazaki, I have a bootlegged (bootlegs are awesome) copy of Ponyo on a Cliff by the Sea. YAY! It's great cause I bet the dubbed one won't be released until like, 2010! xD Sweet carrots! But he is a GENIUS! Oh! And I ordered the Kadaj costume for MetroCon! It's gonna be awesome!

*hearts* ~Yuri

Friday, May 8, 2009

In Harmony, HARMONY! You're you, I'm me, together, we can live in harmony!

-Ehem- So blog...FORGIVE ME FOR NOT POSTING FOR 2 WEEKS!!! D: I KNOW I AM A HORRIBLE PERSON!! I have no excuse, except I was lazy! Shame on me!!! T.T *kicks self* But, thankfully school is almost over. Homeschooling that is. And next year I have to go to...DUN DUN DUN!! Public school. That's right, a public high school. No more uniforms, or harsh penalties, or a population of pregnant teens at zero. I am scared! O.o I guess I will hang out with the emo kids, or the artists. I guess it will be okay. After my family giving my momma mouth about private school, they have finally won. But I guess I can wear whatever I want, and I will be open to a whole bunch of new opportunities. Lots of art, and new people to meet, and lots of extracurricular activities and dorks like me. :) Speaking of being a dork, METROCON!! In like, 3 weeks? I am going as Kadaj, who is a smexy beast!! I need to stop procrastinating and order the costume already! This weekend, I swear it! *looks determined* Last night me and Madison watched the Little Mermaid show thing on VHS. I love VHS. This episode was when Ariel and flounder bust the big, purple,evil Manta Ray out of the volcano. Why the hell did they do that? I don't know. Some creepy little eyes were peering out of this hole, asking in an ominous voice, for Ariel to "Let me out" And she did it! He busted out of it, and started telling the sea critters bad things about the other ones, and they all became little racists, lol. That was his plan to take over Atlantica. It was 'Make everyone dislike each other'. Nope, not 'Make everyone dislike each other, and when the king is distracted, take the Trident and rule the Seas'. It was just 'Make everyone dislike each other'. Can you say, LAME? Ariel started to sing a song about what makes everyone special, and how it's great to be different and use our unique talents to help each other. *gags* After the song the evil Manta Ray made a big ending speech about how he is MORE POWERFUL THAN FRIENDSHIP! MORE POWERFUL THAN LOVE!!! And then in a poorly animated sequence Ariel (with her arms dangling at her side) led all the creatures and they went into a song reprisal and they sung(grammar pending) to him. Yep, they defeated this gigantic, dangerous Manta Ray by singing to him. I was embarrassed for the poor guy. But the BEST part of the episode, the part that both epically won, and epically failed, was when they used the same shot of the manta ray swimming off in a scary spinning thing TWICE. Yes, the same exact shot at 2 different times. We rewound it and laughed our butts off. I am still chuckling about today. :) So awesome. Yep, there is more of my crazy humor that no one else gets except me. I crack up every time I see a flaw in a movie or a show. I don't know why. Oh and here is an awesome icon thing. :) *hearts* ~Yuri

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Staying Home, Leaving Home

Forgive me, bloggy!! I have not posted in a while!! D: I have been busy with schoolwork~! I have an MSN now! YAY!! It's if anyone is interested! :) I did my hair yesterday, in a little spiky poof, it was fun and cute! I took lots of pictures of it, and some of them I looked like a little boy, heehee! I wish I knew how to add pictures on here...It is keeping my posts boring!! So if anyone knows how to, and they are willing to tell me, please do so! :D Tonight we are going to visit Julie who is visiting from Texas! We were gonna go to Chili's, and then the plans changed to Golden Corral, and then they changed to Cracker Barrel, and then pizza in her hotel room, and now it's McDonald's in her hotel room. I see the pattern, as the restaurants slowly get de-fancyfied! lol But it will be fun! Man, you don't know how much I want to go somewhere!!! I have the travel bug!~ I reaaaaalllly wanna go on a cruise... it almost hurts how much want to go! I need to be indulged. "Oh Yuri" I say to myself, "You are so spoiled, and one day all your fun will be taken away!" Yes it will happen, and I will be very upset. But for now I must enjoy it! The other night I watched Beauty and Beast with Madison and Kyah. Even though I am 15, and Madison is 13, we still fight over who gets to be who in the Gaston's trio of ogling blonde fangirls. lol "Yuri, your maturity is showing!" Another mental comment. It's really funny, when we watch these classic Disney movies we know so well, we are starting to say "OMG I'm Pocahontas!" or something silly like that. This time, Madison is the Beast. Cause everytime someone sleeps over, they come in to wake us up, and Madison roars at the to "GET OOOOUUUTT!!!" Like Beast does when Belle is in the West Wing. Bwahahahahahaha it's To Much To Handle cause it's so funny! Anyways, that's what's going on in my world of humor that no one gets except me, lol.

Hearts & Kisses ^3^

Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend is Over *sigh* and Lumpia ^^

Well... it's Monday *kicks Monday in the shin* I dislike Mondays a lot!! It was a fun weekend though uneventful, but filled with delicious porterhouse steak. YUM!!! I really, really need to get around to ordering the Kadaj costume but I always forget to tell my mom during the 2 days I am with her!!! D:  *scowls* Y'know, being an otaku is hard work, and it takes a lot of money!! Mangas these days are like, 13 bucks!! I don't always have that kind of money to spend on 3 volumes of School Rumble at a time!! Okay, now I am declaring to the nation....we are in a state of economic crisis!!! (lol, I think the president called that, like 9 months ago!!) But yeah. Tonight we are having Lumpia!! Yay!! In case you are wondering, those are Filipino eggrolls! NOM NOM NOM!!! xD


Here, look at this adorable hedgehog yawning!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sad...and some ramblings.

So I didn't get to post yesterday, because it was a busy and depressing day. We went to Arlene's and played the Wii and I watched A Walk to Remember. So frickin sad!! T-T Jamie had cancer. And she died. I think I lost it a little when Landon was crying and when they got married. Oy. What an upsetting movie!  And then we went to this going-away party for Justin. What a good kid. T-T So sad. Tragic Love. He loves Madison. He told her so last night, and now he is gone. :( Life is sooooooo not fair. Today we went shopping, and this old lady called little Aidan a 'hellion'. In my head I was like "What the HELL does that mean?" lol I couldn't resist. But seriously, me and Madison came to a conclusion that it was not from our century. And since Aidan was on a leash (can't keep 1-year-olds still these days) we would throw this soft, tiny spider-man ball and he would have a grand time running after it, until this old hag who worked there (she must have been a bajillion years old) looked down at us with disgust said in a witch-like voice "We do not throw balls in the store" we shuddered and with heavy hearts we walked off with a cloud of sadness lingering over us, as baby Aidan looked up and mumbled "Bah?" Tro?" Tro Bah?" When we finally got to the check-out line I looked at that old women angrily, and Aunt Lisa quoted the likes of my mother. "That cranky old lady is a bischon frise." And we left and ate chicken sandwiches at Wendy's. :)


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Silly Song Talking and Some Sleeping Beauty

Sooooooo it's 2-ish, and I am watching... dun dun dun! Sleeping Beauty! I finished today's work like...I dunno, 30 minutes ago? Brand new to this blogging stuff, but it looks like fun because I just love updating my status. Maleficent is kind of awesome in an evil-green-faced-but-still-pretty-and-really-psychotic kinda way! I lawl everytime the narrator says something epic like "ON THAT JOYFUL DAY!" and the chorus sings out the same thing. Speaking of which, I laugh when people talk during songs, like the La Corda De Oro theme song has the singer saying "I just want you to know....that you make me beautiful, and no matter what happens, Im never gonna let this go!" While back-up singers squeal away. It's really cheesy! Bwahahaha stuff like that makes me giggle. xD