Friday, April 24, 2009

Sad...and some ramblings.

So I didn't get to post yesterday, because it was a busy and depressing day. We went to Arlene's and played the Wii and I watched A Walk to Remember. So frickin sad!! T-T Jamie had cancer. And she died. I think I lost it a little when Landon was crying and when they got married. Oy. What an upsetting movie!  And then we went to this going-away party for Justin. What a good kid. T-T So sad. Tragic Love. He loves Madison. He told her so last night, and now he is gone. :( Life is sooooooo not fair. Today we went shopping, and this old lady called little Aidan a 'hellion'. In my head I was like "What the HELL does that mean?" lol I couldn't resist. But seriously, me and Madison came to a conclusion that it was not from our century. And since Aidan was on a leash (can't keep 1-year-olds still these days) we would throw this soft, tiny spider-man ball and he would have a grand time running after it, until this old hag who worked there (she must have been a bajillion years old) looked down at us with disgust said in a witch-like voice "We do not throw balls in the store" we shuddered and with heavy hearts we walked off with a cloud of sadness lingering over us, as baby Aidan looked up and mumbled "Bah?" Tro?" Tro Bah?" When we finally got to the check-out line I looked at that old women angrily, and Aunt Lisa quoted the likes of my mother. "That cranky old lady is a bischon frise." And we left and ate chicken sandwiches at Wendy's. :)



  1. chicken sandwiches yum

    I have a ham and cheese toastie ^^

  2. I loooooove those!! Aw I want one! lol xD