Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Silly Song Talking and Some Sleeping Beauty

Sooooooo it's 2-ish, and I am watching... dun dun dun! Sleeping Beauty! I finished today's work like...I dunno, 30 minutes ago? Brand new to this blogging stuff, but it looks like fun because I just love updating my status. Maleficent is kind of awesome in an evil-green-faced-but-still-pretty-and-really-psychotic kinda way! I lawl everytime the narrator says something epic like "ON THAT JOYFUL DAY!" and the chorus sings out the same thing. Speaking of which, I laugh when people talk during songs, like the La Corda De Oro theme song has the singer saying "I just want you to know....that you make me beautiful, and no matter what happens, Im never gonna let this go!" While back-up singers squeal away. It's really cheesy! Bwahahaha stuff like that makes me giggle. xD


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